40 Unconventional Advertisements Ever Created

The fastest way to convey the message to the audience is by using advertisement. Here is 40 unconventional advertisements ever created with a very work hard, very attractive, sensational, unique, striking and successful.

All the images below are copyright of their respected owners and creators. This post just for inspiration and creative ideas I want to share to the world. Enjoy.

One Life

Disneyland Resort Paris: Bedroom

Henkel Benelux Pritt: Handicraft

Red Tape – Love Your Fantasy

Carbon Fighters: Tornado

Unusually big film experiences


Beach Park: Vertigo

De Bijenkorf: Tornado


The Global Warming Swimming Pool

Loch Ness monster

E.N.P.A.: Spray

Large Films Don’t Fit In Here


Step to an exciting job

Pathfinders Teen Homeless Shelter

The Condom Shop: Rub-it!

Channel 4

Nokia Nseries with GPS


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