500+ Best Collection of Wood Texture Images

Wood textures still popular among graphic designers when they created a website or other portfolio of works. For myself, wood backgrounds is very useful for me because it’s so natural and it never failed to make a good graphics.

So if you’re looking for the right wood texture images, check this out : more than 500 best collection of wood texture images in high quality resolution with some of them tileable. And all of them is free. Enjoy!

50 Free Wood Textures from Texturez.com

10 Seamless Textures of Uncut Wood by Borysses

10 Seamless Textures of Aged Uncut Wood 2 by Borysses

11 Weathered Board Stock Images by Psychicmind

16 Ultimate Wood Textures #1 by Andrew Miguelez

26 Beautiful and Free High Resolution Wood Textures from Designfreebies.org

16 Seamless Wood Texture Patterns by Silver

45 Wood Textures by Jammurch

90 Free Wood Grain High Resolution Textures from Defcon-X

9 Free Hi Resolution Wood Textures from BittBox

9 High Resolution Wood Panel Textures from Fudgegraphics

15 Wood Textures by OneColdCanadian

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