Amazing Caricatures Of Celebrities By Anthony Geoffroy

This amazing artworks below is created by Anthony Geoffroy, a French artist who’s made a lot of celebrities’ caricatures that turned out to be exquisite works of art

The artworks of the celebrities face is look more funny, silly, twisted, ironic, recognizable, and gives powerful features to the characters. Having fun with Amazing Caricatures Of Celebrities By Anthony Geoffroy.

Jack Bauer

Bree Van De Kamp

Michael Scofield

Snoop Dogg


Renand Luce

Julien Dore

Nick Jonas


John Locke

Bataille et Fontaine

Christophe Mae

Evil Dead


JD – Scrubs

Amy Winehouse


Ugly Betty


Horatio Caine

Carrie Bradshaw

Bruce Lee



De Niro

Dr. House

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