Art Paintings Of Chinese Sweet Girls

Stunning soft illustrations of female character for romance novel covers. The artworks is really romantic, warm, soft, with a full of feelings. The girls in the painting are so sweet and charming that will make you fall in love with them.

Please Enjoy Sweet Charming Girls Romance Novel Cover Girls Painting.

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5 Responses

  1. angga says:

    great!! i like it so much…

  2. lani says:

    love these pictures and would love to do one for my school art project but will need an artist reference. Co

  3. I like this pictures so much.If come out new pictures share to me.Thankxxx……

  4. misty says:

    lovely!!! any idea on the person who draws them?

  5. Jorge says:

    Hello, i love the art so much!!! can i use three of them for my novel cover for wattpad?…
    Is there a way for me to reach the artist?….
    Many thanks!

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