35 Best 3D Text Effect Tutorials With Photoshop

Typography is the crucial element inany medium kind of presentation, such as logo, banner or just a title in a website. So, there is a lot of designer using the best effect in Photoshop and creating the text in 3D look. You don’t need to learn a separate 3D software in order to create text effect. You’ll only need Photoshop to creating the most basic 3D effects using bevel and emboss styles, pattern overlays, along with combining different techniques.

Here are some of the best looking Photoshop 3D text effects tutorials for you to learn, and as usual it’s the creativity that counts. Enjoy.

Starcraft Text

Old School Type

Fire Burning Text Effect

Exploding Text Effect

Grass Text Effect

Oasis 3D Text Scene

3D Flowery Text Effect

3D Text Blocks

Spectacular Style Text Effect

3-D text With Some Lighting

Slick 3D Ice Text Effect

Dream Design with 3D Typography

3D Cliff Text

Fantastic Color To 3D Text

Colored Chrome Text Effect

Cold Ice 3D Effects

Fresh 3D Type Effects

Soft Stylized 3D Type

3D Toy Text Tutorial

How To Create Stunning And Bold 3D Text

SHADE 3D Text Using Light and Shade

Shiny 3D Text In Photoshop

Quick and Dirty Photoshop Text Effects from Scratch

Steam Powered Typographic Treatment

Eroded Metal Text

3D Text Shatter Effect

Glossy Emblem Text Effects From Hongkiat

Copper Photoshop Text Effect

Smooth Glass Text Effect Tutorial

Elegant Chrome

Beveled Aluminum

Stylish Retro Text Effect

Grungy Metal Text Effect

Watery Text Effect

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  1. wassim says:

    Very nice ! check also this 3d text effect, its so realistic :

  2. The biggest radius might be 1 unit, while all others might be 0.8 units.

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