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Feng Cheng Xuan Vegetarian Macau

Feng Cheng Xuan Vegetarian is located in Senado Square in Rua do Monte, 2. It’s very near with Ruins of St.Pauls. The top destination in Macau is Senado Square, so if you go here...

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Sooo Vegi Vegetarian Hong Kong

Sooo Vegi / Soji Vegetarian is located in Shop 3, G/F, Universal Commercial House, 4 Shell Street, North Point. Unfortunately Sooo Vegi is not yet listed in Google Maps, I think this restaurant is still...

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Uenake Vegetarian Surabaya

Uenake Vegetarian Depot is located in Jagalan street, no. 117, Surabaya, Indonesia. Phone : (031) 5354722. Note : If you access the map from Google Maps, the location is a bit mistaken, the real location its right next...