Feng Cheng Xuan Vegetarian Macau

Feng Cheng Xuan Vegetarian is located in Senado Square in Rua do Monte, 2. It’s very near with Ruins of St.Pauls.

The top destination in Macau is Senado Square, so if you go here and you’re a vegetarian, this place is good for you because it’s very near with ruins of St. Pauls Church.

There is no street view in Google Maps in this access, so I am just showing the maps :

This the preview of the Feng Cheng Xuan Vegetarian building :

20140912_132521 20140912_132534

When I go to this place, the first floor is full, so I am eating in the 2nd floor. This is how it’s look :


Note : There is no English written in the menu, but each dishes have a photo in the menu.

I ordered Dumplings Noodle With Vegetable. It cost HKD 45 ($5.8)


and Kai-Lan Vegetable mix with veggie ham. It cost HKD 30 ($3.8)


Overall, the taste of these 2 is good and delicious but not salty. I like the noodle taste in here.

  • Taste : Healthy and Delicious
  • Place : Quite big, Cozy and Clean
  • Price : Moderate
  • Services : Moderate


If you go to Senado Square, maybe you can visit this restaurant if you're a vegetarian.


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