Hongkong – Macau Vacation ( Day 7)

Today i am planning to visit Macau, so i wake early and eat a cheese noodle in the hotel. I buy the noodle in the near hotel in park and shop.


From Fortress Hill, I go to Sheung Wan using MTR and it’s cost HKD 6.2. The ferry terminal is located in Sheung Wan in the mall in 2nd floor.


Then I buy a ticket to Macau for HKD 159 adult and HKD 144 for kid. The ferry is called Turbojet.

Note : please buy the ticket 30 minutes before departure because you will need to bypass the Hong Kong immigration first.


Then as usual, I write the immigration card and pass the immigration. There is no stamp I got here. The officer just checking my passport only.


Then I am waiting in the front of the gate.


When the times come, I go to the Turbojet ferry.


this is the view taken from inside the ferry. The journey taking 1 hour from Hong Kong to Macau.

20140912_110641 20140912_101010

Then finally I am arrive at the Macau Ferry Terminal.


Then I must pass the Macau immigration. The language is written in Portuguese, but there is a Chinese and English letter too.


There is no MRT in Macau, so if you want to save money, you can use free shuttle bus to famous hotel, like Wynn Macau, MGM Macau, Grand Lisboa, Lisboa, etc.


I am planning to visit the Senado Square, it’s near Grand Lisboa Hotel, so I use a free shuttle bus to Lisboa hotel.

20140912_113841 20140912_113943

In just 5 minutes, I am arrive at the Lisboa hotel.


And I am taking some pictures here. The building is so huge and magnificent.

20140912_114842 20140912_115514 20140912_115455 20140912_115504

Then, I am taking a little walk to Senado Square. It just 5 minutes walk from Grand Lesboa Hotel. In the street I am trying the 2 egg pie tart for just HKD 20.


I go to ruin of St. Paul church and the weather is very hoooot.

20140912_125521  20140912_130303

Inside the church, there will be a little museum which shows the legacy of the church.

20140912_12591320140912_125936 20140912_130048 20140912_130101

At the noon, I am eating at Feng Cheng Xuang Vegetarian, it’s very near the Ruins of St. Paul’s.


I ordered 2 different dishes (noodles and veg meat with vegetables) with rice and it’s cost HKD 110


Then, from Senado Square I want to visit The Venetian, so the easiest way is using free shuttle bus again from Lisboa Hotel back to Macau Ferry Terminal. Then using a free shuttle bus to Venetian.

20140912_15294520140912_154723 20140912_154707 20140912_154705

There is a event for Transformer in the Venetian, but because a lot of bad review on the internet, I  am not go to transformers exhibitions.


The Venetian is a very big mall with a big casino inside. You can see the roof of the building is painted with a sky as a background, it’s cool. There is also a artificial river around the mall.


There is also some show Acrobatic Performance.


After couple hours in the Venetian, I am going back to Hong Kong. As usual I am using a free shuttle bus from the Venetian to Hong Kong Ferry Terminal.

Note : there is 2 terminal in Macau, Taipa Terminal and Macau Terminal. So if you already buy a returning ticket from the beginning, please take attention if the shuttle bus is go to Taipa or Macau terminal.  

I buy the ticket from Macau to Kowloon for HKD 184 adult and HKD 169 for child.


The waiting room


Pass the immigration again and I go to Hong Kong using Turbojet.


At the night I am eating at Triple-O’s buying a Vegetarian Burger.

20140912_210958 20140912_211317

My other family eating at Fairwood


Finally I am back to hotel from Kowloon to Fortress Hill for HKD 9.9.

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