Hongkong – Shenzhen Vacation (Day 3)

In the third day, I am planning to visit Shenzhen and stay for 1 day in there. I am eating a Egg and Vegetable sandwitch and check out from KG Garden at 9:30.

To visiting Shenzhen I am using MTR and drop in Lo Wu Station. So, from Tsim Tsa Tsui I go to Mong Kok and change to Kwun Tong Line (Green), and from Mong Kok I go to Kowloon Tong and change to East Rail Line (light blue), and from Kowloon Tong I go to Lo Wu.


From Lo Wu, there will be a train to go to Shenzhen.

Note : When you arrived in a train station from Lo Wu to Shenzhen, please take an attention in the electronic board, because the rail is used for for several departments at once : Lok Ma Chau and Lo Wu.

I am also met with a group of Singaporean and they are very friendly. It was nice to talk with them because people in Hong Kong that I have met is unfriendly.

I spend the cost of MTR Tsim Tsa Tsui to Lo Wu is HKD 42.


I just follow the information leading to Shenzhen.


I first out of Hong Kong immigration.


Then I am applied a VOA (Visa On Arrival) on the 2nd floor.

It’s easy, I just write on paper appliance, take a queue number, and then pay RMB 168. No longer than 5 minutes my Pasport is taped with Shenzhen VISA. It’s only valid for 5 days.


After getting my VISA, I go down and writing the form for Shenzhen immigration.


After that I was out of Shenzhen immigration and do check luggage.

After the long process, finally I am exit to Shenzhen .

20140908_115206 20140908_111022

Since it was noon and hunger, I finally ate at KFC. I ordered 2 potatoes, and 1 vegetarian soup for RMB 75.


My next destination is check in at ZTL hotel, located at Laojie.

MRT in Shenzhen is called Metro and way of working in Shenzhen MRT is almost the same as in Malaysia, which is using a token (green coin). You can download the Shenzhen Metro map at this link : Shenzhen Metro Subway Station.

To get to the hotel, I buy tokens in the Metro Machine for Laojie station. It is very easy, just select the English language menu, then click on Laojie and enter the number of tickets would be purchased.

Cost of Luohu to Laojie is RMB 2.


Arrived in Laojie, I came out at exit D and you can directly see the hotel. It’s located very near from Laojie station. I booked the hotel through Agoda and ZTL Hotel price is $120 for a family room with one master bedroom and 2 single bedroom.


I immediately checked in at the 5F floor and get a room on the 15th floor.

20140908_123019 20140908_12331120140908_123140 20140908_122944 20140908_123330

I am very impressed with its luxury room compared to my stay in Hong Kong. Clearly the family room is very spacious, clean, and very nice bathroom.


Then I headed to the Windows of the World. I ride the Metro from the Laojie to Window of the World costing RMB 5.


Finally I arrived at the Windows of the world. Here you can buy tickets at a price of RMB 180, but when I want to buy a ticket, there is an officer who offer price of RMB 160 and told to wait for join the group (Maybe he will get a commission if he can get a group of people).

IMG_2109 IMG_2116IMG_2135IMG_2137IMG_2123

I am also watch a show called Aloha Beach Dance

IMG_2163IMG_2130 IMG_2157 IMG_2187 IMG_2203

I ride a train in Cross Europe :

IMG_2221 IMG_2223 20140908_163122 20140908_165706 20140908_165834 20140908_165708

Windows of the World is very big in my opinion, because I am too long in the Asia zone and Europe, I miss some show and could not go to the other country.


By late afternoon, I eat a vegetarian noodle in Noodle House for RMB 25. Apparently it is only noodles with big mustard vegetables.

IMG_2246 IMG_2243

In the evening there is a shows on the main stage which contains some dance. Nothing too special in my opinion, also the location is too far from the stage performances. No fireworks or carnival.


Then, from the Window of the World I tried to buy a Veggie Delight for RMB 15 in Subway.

Then I headed back to the hotel with a metro from WOW to Laojie and cost RMB 5.


In the evening, I was walking around the hotel, and there are hundreds maybe thousands of stores that sell a variety of goods, and I think the price is very cheap.

The first impression in Shenzhen, I see the way people drive here very impatient and reckless driving. Very often people sound the horns and driving aggressively.


I ended up buying clothes for my family, also bought Portuguese Egg Tart for RMB 10. It feels very good.

Since it was very tired, I finally returned to the hotel and will continue tomorrow, shopping time in Shenzhen.

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