Hongkong Vacation (Day 1)

In the first day, my flight is departs from Surabaya and transit in Kuala Lumpur (KLIA2) before heading to Hong Kong. Flight SUB – KL is at 5:25 at Juanda Airport T2, and I have to get up very early in the morning and go to the airport at 3:25. I am using Blue Bird Taxi and the Taxi is really already standby at home half an hour before.

Arriving at the airport, it is still very quiet, no one at all at the check-in counter, I am just check the board and the flight apparently experienced a delay for half an hours at 06:05.


After waiting, check-in and through immigration, I immediately waited at gate 7 and eating some bread.

Airasia flight from Surabaya to Kuala Lumpur takes 2 hours 30 minutes and arrive in Kuala Lumpur at 09:30, (kuala lumpur time +1).

Finally I arrived at the airport KLIA2, I was looking for Be Lohas Vegetarian in this airport in L2M-19, After I asked in the information, it seem Be Lohas are outside the transit area. my transit area is only P and Q.


So, I decided to eat at burger kings, there are 2 vegetarian menu there, the first one is a veggie burger that contains vegetables only. The second one is BK Double Mushroom without Beef, so it’s custom order with 2 cheese and mushroom.


The price for this menu is RM 10.5 includes burgers plus french fries and a regular coke.


Because there is still time I walk up the street for a while in the transit area of ​​Kuala Lumpur.

Movie Lounge to watching movie (But the seat is fully occupied)


Kids area (mostly used by people to sleep).


and shops selling clothes, electronics, snacks, etc.


One hour closer to my departure, I finally heading to gate P19 for the next flight KUL – HK at 13:10, the trip takes 3 hours 15 minutes.

A long journey make my stomach hungry again and I ordered Mamee Instant Noodle Vegetarian and cost RM 7, reasonably priced and tastes very good.


I finally arrived at the airport in Hong Kong Airport. First impression the Hongkong Airport is so BIG! You can find anything you need in here. There is a lot of board and instructions so you will never lost in here.


I directly take the luggage and the first thing to do is buying an Octopus Card, magic card to ride the MTR, Bus, Tram, and shopping in a 7Eleven. The price is USD 150 with a value of HKD 100 and HKD 50 deposit which could be refunded.


Next, I traveled using the MTR Airport Express Line go to Hong Kong Station. I was quite surprised because the price is HKD 100 (OMG So Expensive!)

Note: If you want to save money, use a bus from the airport because it only costs HKD 30 for the Kowloon – HKD 40 for Hong Kong Island area.

Please download the MTR Hong Kong Map at this link : MTR Hong Kong System Map

At the beginning, I stayed in the area of ​​Tsim Tsa Tsui, at KG Garden, Mirador Mansion. So once I got to Hong Kong Station, I moved to Tsuen Wan line (Red) and go from Central to Tsim Tsa Tsui Station. Because this is the first time in Hong Kong, I was quite confused by a lot of the exit door, I exit at N1 and walk a little to the Mirador Mansion. The building is quite old and his elevator is very narrow and crowded, I had to queue to use the elevator.

I finally check-in at KG Garden and in my opinion the room is quite large and clean because I booked a room for the family, there are 2 large beds and 1 single bed. Also there has a water dispenser, air conditioning and hot water. Not bad lah. The price for this room is HKD 470 for 4-5 people.


Then, I had dinner at Cute Fei Vegetarian, located very close to the hotel. the price can be quite expensive when compared to its small portion.


The menu is using Chinese, and no English menu, so I am choosing random for 3 different food and order 4 rice. I am ordering by looking from the picture of the food.


After eating I walked towards the clock tower and avenue of the star, but because I was too tired, I finally returned to the hotel to rest, maybe I will continue tomorrow in here again.



Note: everyday at 8 PM there is a show laser show / symphony of light at Avenue of the Star. If you got a free time, you can go to here at the night.

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