Hongkong Vacation ( Day 2)


Second day, in the morning I have a breakfast in Mc Donalds buying a 2 waffle set with a potato for just HKD 56.

I want to save money after yesterday I spend too much for night dinner.

Today, I am planning to visiting Big Buddha located in Tung Chung, so the simplest way is using MTR. I use MTR from Tsim Tsa Tsui go to Lai King and interchange to Tung Chung Line (orange) and down at the Tung Chung station. MTR cost : HKD 15.8


Before i go to Ngong Ping 360 cable car, there is a lot elephant statue with many colors and style. I am taking a photograph here and then I just follow the direction to go to Ngong Ping 360 and buy a ticket in there.


Crystal cabin
Adult HKD 225
Child HKD 160
Senior HKD 190

Standard cabin
Adult HKD 150
Child HKD 75
Senior HKD 105

The different between crystal and standard cabin is only in the floor, the crystal cabin floor is transparent with a glass.

IMG_1969 20140907_130211

The trip riding a cable car is taking 25 minutes and there is a good spot to take a photograph. The good spot is you can see the Hong Kong Airport and also Big Buddha from far view.



After arriving in Ngong Ping village, you will come to a souvenir shop selling merchandise for Big Buddha, key chains, statues, bags, clothes, and many more.




We do a lot of Photograph here :)


And before noon, I take a lunch in Po Lin Monastery in Deli Vegetarian Cafe.


The price is quite cheap, I am ordering 2 fried vermicelli and 2 mixed vegetarian dishes for only HKD 55. I am also trying some fried foods for HKD 35.


After lunch, i go to wisdom path and located quite far away and you can go there by walk. There will be a small way with some trees and later you will be see some pillar Buddha.

Note : walking to wisdom path is quite far, about 15 – 20 minutes, so prepare for the stamina before you go here.


Then I go to the Giant Buddha using a stairs, when I arrive at the top I go to the building inside and there is a lot of name that’s already deceased, one of the most striking is the artist Anita Mui. sorry no photo I can showed, because it’s not allowed.

After taking a walk, I am back using a cable car again. The wind is so strong in T5 and T4 and I feel my cabin is shaking, so scary :0 :0

Because it’s still 2’o clock, I decided to go to Avenue of the star again, because yesterday is already too tired.

I am back from Tung Chung station go to Hong Kong station and then change to Tsuen Wan line (red) and go from Central to  Tsim Tsa Tsui. MTR Price : HKD 14.2


After I am arrive in Tsim Tsa Tsui, I go to Chungking Mansion to buy a sim car for the internet for 7 days because i forgot to buy it in the airport. The sim card is ‘one2free’ and the price for this card is HKD 48 and with additional unlimited internet HKD 50, so total is HKD 98.



Then I walk a bit go to Avenue Of The Star, in there there is a lot of celebrity Hong Kong name in the floor and Bruce Lee statue.


One of my favourite Hong Kong actor, Stephen Chow

Then I decided to visit Ladies Market in Mongkok and Temple Street Night Market in Jordan

It’s rainy and a bit far to go to MTR station, so I take a bus from Avenue of The Star to go to Mongkok using bus 87D. The payment in the bus is only pay in the front, the price is flat for specific destination, so how far you go the price is fixed. The price for the bus is HKD 4.


In Ladies Market Mongkok selling a lot stuff like clothing, fruit, and food with a cheap prize. The location is located in Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon.


After visting Ladies Market, I go to MTR station go to MTR Jordan and visiting Temple Street Night Market, the location is in Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon.


At the night, I eat in Sino vegetarian, very near in Temple Street Night Market.



I ordered :

Bake curry fried rice HKD 78 (the portion is quite big)
Sweet corn HKD 32
Rice HKD 10
and Tea with a seaweed flavour.

Then, I go back to hotel using MTR from Jordan to Tsim Tsa Tsui. MTR cost HKD 3.7

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