Hongkong Vacation ( Day 6)

Today, I am going go to the happiest place in the world, Disneyland

Note : For a theme park, you can also go to Ocean Park in Hong Kong or Happy Valley in Shenzhen. But in this trip I decided go to Disneyland Hong Kong only. 

But I am just decided to go to Disneyland only while I visited Hong Kong.

Before I go to Disneyland I visit a bread shop and buy a red bread for just HKD 3.5.


Then, I take a breakfast near the hotel, Kam Heung Vegetarian.


The menus is buffet and you can choose 4 different dishes including the rice. It’s cost HKD 30 and the dishes is a lot.


After that, I go to the Disneyland Resort, so I am taking a MTR from Fortress Hill go to Central, then change to Tung Cung Line (orange) and drop in Sunny Bay and change to Disneyland Resort Line. The MTR cost is 24.2


The MTR Disneyland Resort is unique, you can see the mickey mouse icon in the handle and glass.

20140911_123822 20140911_123703

Then I go to the ticket counter and I exchange my booking print with the entrance ticket.


The entrance of Disneyland Resort.


Note : Disneyland Resort is quite big, so it’s impossible to enjoy all rides in just one day, you must pass some attractions that’s not interesting in your opinion.

This is what I play in Disneyland Resort :

Buzzlightyear Astro Blaster : Shooting game using a gun in a cart.


Autopia : It’s a riding a car game and you just need to press the pedal to accelerate and to brake. The car have their own lane, but you can still moving the steering wheel.

20140911_133721 20140911_134951

Space Mountain : Roller Coaster ride in the dark, it’s like The Mummy Roller Coaster in Universal Studios Singapore. I think this is the most thrilling rides at Hongkong Disneyland.


Stich Encounter : This is very creative movie, you will watch Stitch in a movie, but it just not ordinary movie, the movie is interactive between visitors and Stitch and it’s very funny.


It’s a Small World : you take a ride in a cart and you can see many colorful decoration and peoples inside.

20140911_164737(0) 20140911_165638

Mickey’s Pillar Magic : Watch a movie in 4D about the adventures of Donald Duck in the various Disney world. The 4D is pretty impressive, it’s like the cartoon is in front of you.


The Golden Mickeys : A musical performance showing most popular Disney character. The dancing and light effect is cool.


Tarzan Tree House : Visit the house of Tarzan


Jungle River Cruise : Ride a boat around Adventure Island. There will be a surprise when you ride this attraction. Try it by yourself :)


Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars : This is my recommendation ride in Disneyland. It’s a roller coaster in a wood cart.

20140911_183311 20140911_181653

Mystic Manor : is a dark ride attraction about the story of Lord Henry Mystic and his monkey Albert.


Then I go to the last zone, Toy Story Land.


Toy Soldier Parachute Drop : A parachute jump–style ride like a soldier drop parachute from a plane.


RC Racer : The scariest ride in Disneyland Hong Kong. you will ride a car with steeper slope.


In the night I watch a “Disney in the Stars” Fireworks.

20140911_183549 20140911_183821

After that I go home from Sunny Hill to Fortress Hill MTR cost HKD 11.2.

Then I go for a dinner in Soji Vegetarian near my hotel.


The menu is using Chinese, but there is a good woman from Singapore helped me to order the food. I ordered Rice with Seaweed and Curry Rice.

20140911_213153 20140911_213215

Then I go back to Hotel and Sleep.

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