How to Become a Graphic Designer

If you’re keen to become a professional graphic designer, then it can be tricky getting your career off the ground. There are a number of different routes which you may need to take in order to achieve your ambitions, but here are a few top tips to help you on your way to achieving your graphic design dreams.

Firstly, even if you are an extremely talented graphic designer, you may want to think about taking a graphic design course which will help you to fine-tune your skills. You may also be able to network with other designers, as well as having then opportunity to obtain a qualification, which can look good on your CV.

You will also want to make sure that you build up a substantial portfolio, especially within the field of graphic design which you are interested in working in. For example, if you are keen to design graphics for high profile gaming sites, such as Party Poker, then you may want to try and get work on smaller sites which offer games of a similar nature. You might find that offering to complete work free of charge is a good way to build up your portfolio, so that you may eventually be commissioned for designs.

Often, the best way to advertise yourself as a graphic designer is to build yourself a website. If possible, this should also be used as an opportunity to demonstrate your abilities as a graphic designer. It should also host your portfolio, and contact details for potential employers to get in touch with you.

Lastly, even when you are not working, you should never pass up an opportunity to further develop your graphic design skills. Make sure you are always up to date with the latest software developments, and have a good knowledge of how to use the latest design programmes. This can prove essential in making sure you are an attractive prospect for future employers.

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