Masterpieces Of Fantasy Female CG Characters

Presenting to you the world’s most beautiful CG characters ever created! with amazing artworks in incredible costumes, and spectacular 3D and 2D beautiful CG Girls. These characters collected from science fiction, fantasy, and anime, to photorealism and stylized realism, featuring exceptional CG character artwork of the highest quality.

Some of this artworks created in 3D Studio Max, Maya, Zbrush and some in 2D programs like Adobe Photoshop, and manual paintings. Enjoy all the pictures of Masterpieces Of Fantasy Female CG Characters.

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1 Response

  1. Ketutar says:

    I think “incredible costumes” and “girls” say all there is to say.
    I would have liked to see characters, personas, people I could actually believe to be something else than dressed up dolls, but I suppose our idea of “beauty” differs a lot.

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