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Hongkong Vacation (Day 1)

In the first day, my flight is departs from Surabaya and transit in Kuala Lumpur (KLIA2) before heading to Hong Kong. Flight SUB – KL is at 5:25 at Juanda Airport T2, and I...

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Vacation To Hong Kong

This year I am planning to visit Hong Kong, a very crowded city despite the available land is very minimal. This time I also plan to visit 2 nearby countries : Shenzhen and Macau. This...

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Shenzhen Metro Subway Station Map

MRT in Shenzhen called with Metro Station. The way it’s work is using a Token (green coin) and the same like used in Malaysia MRT. Please download the Shenzhen Metro Subway Station in this image below.

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Review : Bad Neighbours (2014)

While I am watching this movie from the beginning until the end, there is no single point that makes me laugh. This movie is tedious, dull, tasteless, and unfunny at all. Neighbors, which was...

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Uenake Vegetarian Surabaya

Uenake Vegetarian Depot is located in Jagalan street, no. 117, Surabaya, Indonesia. Phone : (031) 5354722. Note : If you access the map from Google Maps, the location is a bit mistaken, the real location its right next...

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Review : Edge of Tommorow (2014)

“Repetation is Mother of All Skills” one of the slogans that are very suitable for the Tom Cruise movie called Edge of Tomorrow. There are also versions of the manga adaptation titled All You Need...

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Review : Montage / Mong-ta-joo (2013)

Korea is very clever to make a movie that makes the plot confusing and not predictable, if you like a thriller movie and have a surprise ending… This movie is the answer. This movie played...

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Review : Godzilla (2014)

Godzilla, king of the monsters is a Japanese original franchise. The Godzilla itself previously has been made in 1998 but the concept is totally different from the original story where Godzilla should fight against a strong monster too, but it...