Review : Bad Neighbours (2014)

bad neighbours 2014 (1)

While I am watching this movie from the beginning until the end, there is no single point that makes me laugh. This movie is tedious, dull, tasteless, and unfunny at all.

Neighbors, which was also released under the name Bad Neighbours tells Mac Radner (Seth Rogen) and Kelly Radner (Rose Byrne) are a married couple who had the crazy life of youth, but now keep trying to leave it after the presence of their daughter, Stella.


But a quiet and simple life have to be bothered by the presence of a fraternity, Delta Psi Beta, filling the house right next to the Mac and Kelly, and even worse when their habits are crazy partying madness. Initially a small debate until the quarrel out of bounds.

Frankly the first time I saw a movie that was not funny at all. One thing that makes me laugh is when I see the words “Directed By Nicholas Stoller”. Yes this movie is finally over. Oh man, this movie is boring and not fun at all, I am really wasting my time here.

bad neighbours 2014 (2) bad neighbours 2014 (3)

  • Story - 6/10
  • Acting - 3/10
  • Funny - 1/10


If you want to watch a comedy movie that's not funny at all, watch this movie and prepare a pillow in case if you sleep while watching.


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