Review : Edge of Tommorow (2014)

“Repetation is Mother of All Skills” one of the slogans that are very suitable for the Tom Cruise movie called Edge of Tomorrow.

There are also versions of the manga adaptation titled All You Need Is Kill. Comic would be cool because the picture clearly created by Obata-sensei (Hikaru no Go, Death Note, Bakuman) is quite well known.

edge-of-tomorrow (6) XXX EOT-TRL2-01925R.JPG D ENT


An officer named Cage (Tom Cruise) suddenly dropped to a battle against aliens that are attacking the presence of the earth. Officers who have never fought this fight to stay alive in the battle on the front line with its limited capabilities. Cage has the usual diplomacy must fight the main enemy of the earth and trying to fight with another soldier.


The attack turned into a massacre as swarms of aliens apparently already knew about the plan so that the turned position and make the whole army were killed at the hands of aliens, including Cage.


By accident, one of the aliens who were killed by Cage has the ability to manipulate time, and when the aliens die, the Alien blood inadvertently into the body and its ability to move in the Cage, so every time he killed back in the days before the attack occurs .

Live, Die, Repeat

Cage now has the ability to repeat a day later trying to figure out what happened to him and met with Rita (Emily Blunt) who previously also had the same ability after killing one of the aliens. With him they are trying to change history and win the war with the aliens. Die and repeat dozens of times a day until the Alien is destroyed.

edge-of-tomorrow (3)

edge-of-tomorrow (7)

I think this movie is a combination of Source Code, Groundhog Day, Starship Troopers, and battle a la the Matrix. Lots of fun in it, humor is thick, and presented its own silliness of frustration Cage when he had to commute wake-practice-dead to life again, and found that he constantly re-opened his eyes in the same field a few hours before he certainly would have been killed on the battlefield again.


  • Story - 9.6/10
  • Acting - 8.7/10
  • Visual Effects - 8.8/10


Live, Die, Repeat! All you need is repetition!


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