Review : Montage / Mong-ta-joo (2013)

Korea is very clever to make a movie that makes the plot confusing and not predictable, if you like a thriller movie and have a surprise ending… This movie is the answer.

This movie played by Sang-kyung Kim, he is well known for his films Memories of Murder (2003) and he act well in here. This movie is about the kidnapping and murder of a child 15 years ago and the statute of limitations, which means the killer could be free after 15 years and the case was not revealed. But A similar crime happens again with the same motive. and the detectives involved in this case must seeks to uncover it again, and it turns out….

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I can say this movie is really entertaining from the beginning, there is no boring scene and all the investigation reveal one by one the mystery of kidnapping and murdering long time ago.  This movie offer an exciting spectacle that will make the audience remain in the seat until the movie ends.


  • Story - 9.3/10
  • Acting - 8.2/10
  • Direction - 8/10


This is a different style of Memories of Murder, but if you like Thriller movie with "twisted" plot, you must watch this movie. You will always ask WHO DID IT?!


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