Shenzhen – Hongkong Vacation ( Day 4)


In the morning, I have a breakfast in Kellog’s that’s located exactly in the front of the Hotel. I ordered Vegetarian Noodle with egg and that cost only RMB 5 and take away and eating in the hotel. The taste is delicious.

Today, I am planning to take the whole day to shopping, so at noon, I check out from the hotel and left my luggage in the reception in 5F.


In Shen Zhen, there is too many shops and mall, so I decided to visit Dong Men area. There is a lot of shops selling foods and cloths, and I try to buy veggie satai for just RMB 10.


After, we taking a walk, I go to Fo Lai Jiu Vegetarian and eat in there. The furniture is classic, clean, and the restaurant is quite big. I ordered :

Wild mushroom
Salted Vegetable Noodles
Meat with peppers
Lemon tea

I recommended Wild Mushroom, it’s taste really delicious, I am sure the mushroom is a rare and I am never taste this kind of mushroom before.


Actually, I am not a kind person that likes to shop, but after look at the number of stores and the price is very cheap, I was finally tempted to buy. I bought a bumblebee suitcase design that’s cool enough for just RMB 140 (maybe about $27). In my country I am really sure the suitcase is cost about $100-150.

After I am shopping enough, I finally go to back to Hong Kong, this is the heavy time because I brought a lot of suitcase. and I must go Hong Kong Island because my hotel is in there. My hotel located in Fortress Hill and the name is Yes Inn Hotel. So this will be a long way from Shenzhen to Hotel.

From Laojie, I use Metro again and go to Lo Wu, and then I went through Shenzhen and Hong Kong imigration.

I use MTR again in Hongkong and go from Lo Wu to Hung Hom. I decided to go down in Hung Tom because I don’t want to change a lot MTR station because I am bringing a lot of suitcase. So I decided to using a bus. MTR cost HKD 32.

When arrive in Hung Hom, I am a bit lost, because the bus station is different from Google maps, so I am asking in information the nearest bus station to go to Hong Kong Island. I am using bus number 102 and go to Fortress Hill.

20140910_110832 20140910_110823

Finally, I am arrive in Contenintal Mansion, the place is just next to 7 Eleven. But when I arrive at this mansion, the main door is locked with password. I finally sneak in when someone in there coming in. Then I go to 5 floor and the receptionist is in 15 floor. My room is quite big but not big enough compared with ZTL Hotel in Shenzhen :) but it’s clean, Wi-Fi, private bathroom facilities, and my bedroom have 2 master bed, one below the one above.

My Hotel is located in strategic location because it’s located near Fortress Hill MTR Station, and near a Vegetarian Restaurant.


Finally after taking a break for 20 minutes after long trip from Shenzhen, I go to Three Virtue Vegetarian, just 5 minutes of walk from my hotel. My opinion, this restaurant is very luxurious and spacious, so I am a bit worried if the food will be expensive. But it turns out the price is not too expensive. I ordered Fried Enoki, Fried Rice, and Vermicelli. The taste is super delicious. I think this place is the best Vegetarian Restaurant when I stay in Hong Kong.

Because it’s already late, I go back to Hotel and sleep.

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