Sooo Vegi Vegetarian Hong Kong

Sooo Vegi / Soji Vegetarian is located in Shop 3, G/F, Universal Commercial House, 4 Shell Street, North Point.

Unfortunately Sooo Vegi is not yet listed in Google Maps, I think this restaurant is still new. So I am showing the location and the street view :

This is the preview of the building taken from Google Maps, it’s still under construction in Google Maps.


This is how it’s look of the building for Sooo Vegi Vegetarian.


Note : there is no English menu in this building, all written in Chinese. But some staff able to speak English.  

But sometimes, when I go here, there is no staff who’s able to speak English, but luckily there is a Singaporean Woman who help me with the menu and the order.


When I try this restaurant for couple of times, I ordered Laksa Noodle, the taste is very good combined with a prawn, and tofu. (Laska Noodle is very recommended)

Laksa Noodle : HKD 42 ($5.4)


I am also try Rice with Curry, it’s contain Rice with curry spices with potato and carrots. It cost : HKD 40 ($5.1)


And this one is called Seaweed Rice. I think the purple vegetable is the seaweed, but I don’t taste the seaweed flavor. It cost HKD 42 ($5.4)


  • Taste : Delicious especially in Laksa Noodle
  • Place : Very small, only a few seats but the place is cosy and clean
  • Price : Moderate
  • Services : Friendly but only certain staff understand English


Try Laksa Noodle, it's super delicious.


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