Super Cool And Beautiful Custom PC Case Designs

This is not just ordinary PC case designs in regular box. This is the super cool and beautiful custom PC case designs totally modified by the artists to inspire you into building and modifying your own rig.

If you have a cool PC Case Design, share with us and spread to the world!

1. Skull Case

2. Trash Can Case Mod

3. Wolfenstein PC

4. Lian Li PC-A01

5. Benny Venus

6. SubsCover Custom

7. WMD

8. Case Front

9. Russian Wall-E Case Mod

10. Engine Case Mod with V8 power

11. Lian Li V1200

12. Phenom

13. Lian Li PC343

14. Dark-Bade

15. Digitalcamo

16. MDPC: 028 (million dollar pc)

17. Cooler master scout mod

18. Custom Computer

19. Sangaku Japanese case mod

20. Sinus

21. Redwood 8000 HTPC

22. Wheel Case Mod

23. Danger Den Case

24. Media Mac

25. Galactica

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