Top 10 Best Photography Website Templates

This portfolio is dedicated to anyone who wants to start a photography or portfolio site to showcase their creativity works using a WordPress platform.

WordPress is very popular content management system (CMS) and really easy to install and use. And you only need to install a wordpress theme to get more sophisticated look in your site and the good things is all of this themes is FREE with a demo and the donwload page.

Enjoy the top 10 photoblog or portfolio WordPress themes:


Gallery Themes From Smashing Magazine

Modularity Themes

Work-A-Holic Themes From graphpaperpress

Creative-By-Nature Themes

Thi-Zin WordPress Theme

Irresistible Themes By Woothemes

Smashing Multimedia Themes By Smashingmagazine

Infinity WordPress Theme By Smashingmagazine

Photoview Themes

The-Unstandard Themes

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  1. Top 10 Best Photography Website Templates | Tips For Designers | Design Inspiration | Design Help, is one of the most interesting articles i have read on Wednesday about best free stuff.

  2. vespa says:

    Respect to article author, some excellent entropy.

  3. Wendy Preet says:

    I really like those photography templates. They really look amazing and fantastic. I think that I should give it a try to my new website.

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