Uenake Vegetarian Surabaya

Uenake Vegetarian Depot is located in Jagalan street, no. 117, Surabaya, Indonesia. Phone : (031) 5354722.

Note : If you access the map from Google Maps, the location is a bit mistaken, the real location its right next to the traffic light. 

I am showing the right location and a screenshot for the correct direction using Google maps and street view :

You can see the BCA bank sign, and you need to go inside the stores area and you can see the written Vegan sign in the depot.


If you visit Uenake Vegetarian Depot, you must try any menu called “Penyet”. Penyet is one of the typical Indonesian food that’s contain chili mix with tomato. Usually it’s combined with tempeh, chicken, duck, or tuna. The taste is very good, and you must know if the chili in Indonesia is super hot, so if you don’t like spicy food, you can also order the Penyet that’s not spicy.

The place is a bit small but it’s clean, cozy and neat.


What I am ordering here is Ayam Penyet and cost only IDR 13.000 ($1.3).


I am also try the other penyet version that’s called Tuna Penyet cost IDR 13.000 ($1.3)


Also I want to taste the dumpling noodles and it’s only cost IDR 12.000 ($1.2), and this one is taste good too.


  • Taste : Very good especially in Penyet
  • Place : small but clean and neat
  • Price : Inexpensive
  • Services : friendly and nice


My recommendation is "Penyet" food. Try it by yourself.


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