Ultra Realistic Paintings On The Wall

If you see at the picture below, you will believe if it was a real people standing by the wall. But the truth is, it was a paintings. The most surprising is the creator and the artist is only using a bare hands to make this realistic art of paintings. Enjoy the super realistic paintings on the wall.

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3 Responses

  1. semuel says:

    this is beautiful, thanks for sharing :) I will look around for others you called “INSPIRATION” :), thanks Mario

  2. Wow! What an artist. These paintings are so life like and would certainly cause a second glance if you walked past!

  3. nikhil kafle says:

    naiceeeeeeee awesome suieeeeeeet,,,
    A real master piece!!!<3<3<3..
    LEGEN,, wait 4 it

    its on the way,,

    on my neck!!

    oh what the heck,, i forgot it!!

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