Vacation To Hong Kong


This year I am planning to visit Hong Kong, a very crowded city despite the available land is very minimal. This time I also plan to visit 2 nearby countries : Shenzhen and Macau. This journey takes 9 days, starting departure from Saturday (September 6) and return in Sunday (September 14th).

Previously, I am  browsing some airlines and after many references I finally ordered TigerAirways because the ticket price is quite cheap, but frankly I am a little worried because there were some negative comments about this airline, and my hunch was right. My flight is cancelled unilaterally and one month later in the newspapers said TigerAir was insolvent and going bankrupt. I am just hoping my refund process will be smooth because it takes time for 1 month, and fortunately I have received refund. Yaaaay!

I finally decided to buy AirAsia ticket. I got plane ticket prices for $430 / person includes tax and baggage to 20 kg for departure and 45kg in return.

No special preparation actually before go to Hong Kong, the important thing is to buy an electric plug for Shenzhen and Hong Kong (I am buying these in Ace Hardware). And I exchange money in my country HKD 2600 and RMB 520. About the Hotel, I am using Agoda because they accepting payment by Paypal, the other reference is Booking.

The other thing is Disneyland tickets, I am buying online because I am afraid in there will be a very long queue, while others ticket like Madam Tussaud, Ngong Ping, etc, I decided to buy a ticket directly in there.

I will post the details about Wonderful Hong Kong in the next post :)

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